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"Auto Racing is the hottest Marketing Vehicle in sports."

Why should your company become a marketing partner with JCM Racing?

No other sport or form of advertising can give your business as many 'impressions' as Auto racing and race teams. When you become a marketing partner with our race team, you are getting involved in the fastest growing spectator sport today.

If you would like more information and rates on sponsorship opportunities, including a mockup of our racecar with your company name on it, send an email to JCM Racing.

Here are a few more reasons to get involved with us.

Reason #1: Brand Identification & Exposure

100 million people live in the JCM Racing marketing area.

Millions of people watch Auto racing on major television outlets like Speed, ESPN, and Fox throughout the Northeast, and across the country.

A race team traveling only 10,000 miles in a season will generate 83 exposures per mile on a multi-lane interstate highway in the daylight. Exciting graphics with your company logo on a team hauler will generate 830,000 exposures of your company.

Depending on your company's level of participation, in addition to the prominent placement on the race car, your company logo or trade mark will be on all team and driver uniforms, racecar, hauler, pit cart, and other equipment in a coordinated graphics presentation.

"In 1998 alone, over 1 million more Americans became Auto racing Fans"

Source: ESPN/Chilton Sports Poll

See the excitement of Drag Racing!

JCM 2000

Reason #2: Race Team Appearances

Strategic use of the race car, hauler, and driver appearances with autograph sessions are a proven technique for maximizing exposure at new branch openings, sales meetings, company outings, and company participation in charity events.

We can do "On Site" appearances or we can attend trade shows like this one from the 1999 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

JCM 2000

Your company name could be displayed on the sides of this racecar.

"Mattels's hottest collectible Barbie last year was NASCAR Barbie - more than one million units, generating about $50 million in revenue"

Source: Fortune Magazine, 4/12/99.

Reason #3: Customer & Employee Relations

JCM's team drag racing Series events are like a golf tournament, they are a perfect place to entertain clients, customers, and employees in a positive, success oriented but more excited and involved environment.

The opportunity to rub elbows with the drivers of NHRA, IHRA, and the Northeast promod association at a hospitality event is one of the key fan-favorite success factors of these exciting drag racing events.

Successful Organizations partner with JCM Racing to:

Attract new customers.

Reward their best customers.

Motivate their employees through sales incentive programs.

Reward top performers.

Build an image as an exciting place to work.


Reason #4: Media Opportunities

Television is an integral part of the success of JCM Racing through ESPN, The Speed channel and the emerging presence of FOX TV. In addition to national and regional coverage, some races are carried on local cable systems.

Newspapers are a traditional part of motorsports coverage, and reporters and photographers from every local and regional paper attend all of JCM Racing's touring events.

Radio plays a part in garnering additional exposure from coverage of races, and through interview and call in programs all over the Northeast.

Websites are proliferating throughout motorsports as quickly as they are everywhere else in our society. Every track in the Northeast now has a website with many reporting thousands of hits each week. Your company's participation with JCM Racing should be included on your company's website to draw fans to your website on a weekly basis.

Here is how we help market and promote your business via the Internet:

Your company logo will be displayed on our HOME PAGE

Your company will be listed on our SPONSOR PAGE.

You will have an entire page on our site dedicated to your COMPANY.

Getting involved with JCM Racing, by partnering with this experienced winning race team, offers you all of these advantages and then some. Auto Racing fans are the most brand loyal fans in the world.

Reason #5: Auto Racing Fan Demographics:

Martial Status
- 64% are Married
- 22% are Single

- 38% are Women
- 62% are Male

- 7% earn Less $10,000
- 14% earn $10-$19,000
- 17% earn $20-$29,000
- 19% earn $30-$39,000
- 14% earn $40-$49,000
- 29% earn $50,000+

We have standard packages that accommodate most business goals. If one of these packages doesn't seem to work for you, we will customize a plan specific to your goals and expectations.

If you would like more information on sponsorship opportunities, including a mockup of our racecar with your company name on it, send an email to JCM Racing.

Contact Us at:

Snail Mail:

JCM Racing * 168 Fordham Street * City Island, New York 10464 * (718) 885-2489

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Auto Racing has grown tremendously in the past decade. But a sports marketing expert says TV ratings aren't the only measurement of a sport's popularity. David Carter, principal of the Los Angeles-based Sports Marketing Group, says the NFL is a clear-cut No. 1, but determining an exact pecking order for other sports is difficult.

We'll See You at the Track!

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