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The Team

Driver: John Cerbone

John Cerbone has been auto racing since 1980. In his years of experience, he has covered an extensive array of auto racing including; NHRA Competition, Promodified, and ProStock Drag cars.As Well as Late Model, Modified, and Busch North Race cars.


Dominck Cerbone ======Car Owner

Peter Monte =========Car owner / Gas Man / Team Coordinator

John Aicardi==========Crew Chief / Front Tire Changer

XXX======Car Chief / Tire Changer / Shock Specialist

Damon Boccadoro=====Spotter / Electronics

Chris Vanzile==========Tire changer/ Tire Specialist

John Budakowski======Mechanic / Body

XXX=====Tires / Jack / Body

XXX=========Tires and wheels / Catch Can

XXX=========Tires and wheels / Rear Tire Carrier

XXX==========Mechanic / Rear Tire Changer

XXX==========Mechanic / Rear Tire Carrier


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