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Stafford Motor Speedway Sept 29th 2002

Racing at Stafford is as unpredictable as it gets. The track changes from race to race and this weekend had as many as 6 different divisions with 6 different tire compounds. The JCM Team showed to stafford short-handed on crew but would make a tough weekend work with a pretty fair finish. As much as we enjoy the Stafford racing facility, it's been rough on the JCM Team and equipment. The track is tough with its flat corners and ever changing surface.

Photo by Allan J Claffie BNSRacing.com

The JCM Team set up for the long term where green flag runs would benefit us. We got that early but would loose a right front tire just 50 laps into the race with a slow leak would leave the car ill handling. We would loose a lap there but gain a caution shortly there after giving us a chance to change that ailing tire.

Crew chief John Aicardi and Jackman Dave Aviles went to work, just the two of them and changed the right front tire. Back to racing we would pick up a couple of positions and get another caution giving us a chance to change the right rear tire and make some much needed adjustments. John and Dave went to work again to get the rear tire changed, and with the help of a member of the 54 team, and one from the 0 team, the stop was quick and perfect. The 98 crew would like to thank the crew members from the 0 and 54 teams who helped without being asked, they just jumped right in and aided with a great stop. Now with a better handling car, we would stay one lap down for the remainder of the race gaining several more positions to finish the race in 21st. With the way the last three races went we would certainly be happy with the finish and take home a fairly clean car.

The race was won by Mike Johnson, with Kelly Moore and Andy Santerre following. Congradulations to The Johnson Lumber Racing Team.

Photo By Tom Gallo bnspictures.com

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Dover DE. Sept 14th 2002.

Dover Speedway was our most anticipated race of the season. The day started off with a broken transmission that virtual eliminated practice for our team. Having to qualify on our first two laps on the track would not afford us the best starting position. We would qualify in 25th position. Happy hour practice would show us some better lap times and allow us to make needed changes for long gren flag race runs.

At the start of the race, we were able to pick up one position in the first lap, by lap 8 we had gotten two and looking for three. The race went uneventful for another 20 laps when the fuel vent in the tank stuck closed and starved the motor for fuel. We slowed somewhat and were falling back when the first caution flew. Some laps later after being forced to run low on the track for lead lap traffic, continuous bottoming out of the exhaust forced a green flag stop for a broken bracket. Once we got back out we ran great lap times, only to have the fill plug on the rear end come loose and spead oil all over the bottom of the car. It took 30 laps to clean the car inside and out enough to be safe back out on the track. The crew did a great job and we were back on track. We made an additional 30 laps and called it a day so the leaders could race without us being so many laps down and on the track. We could not pick up any more positions. Not the day we had hoped for.

The race was won by Matt Kobyluck after taking the lead with 20 laps remaining. Congradulations to the Mohegan Sun casino team.

The next race up for JCM Racing is this weekend at Stafford Motor Speedway In Stafford Connecticut.

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Loudon New Hampshire, Sept. 14 2002

Racing at Loudon is always an adventure, and this weeks race was no exception. After working endless for weeks repairing nearly the whole car, we broke the rearend gears just 6 laps into the race. This after picking up 4 positions on the start.

The race was won by Tracy Gordon with Andy Santerre, Brad Leighton, Kelly Moore and Mike Olsen making up the top five. Congradulations to Gordon Racing on a great run.

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JCM Racing recognizes the passing of Alfred "bunk" Sampson. Bunk as his friends called him was a Busch Series tech Official and Busch North Series Director from 1996 to 2001 when he was diagnosed with brain tumors. One of our fondest memories will always be the way he greeted all the competitors as they entered the tracks for each race. No matter if were raining or sunshine, Bunk was out there to make sure everyone had the most comfortable place in the track to pit. And he did it with a smile. Bunk will be missed. Everyone here at JCM Racing offers their deepest and most sincere gratitude for his hard work and dedication helping make the Busch North Series what it is today, NASCAR's most sucessful touring series. Thank you "Bunkie", You certainly will be missed.


After a careful assessment of the JCM Racing Monte Carlo, the team will have to reevaluate it's race schedule and miss the next three races. The car is wrecked beyond simple repair and will require extensive repairs to compete. We will resume racing at Loudon New Hampshire on September 14th, Dover Speedway on September 20th, Stafford September 29th and Lime Rock Park on October 18th.

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August 10th 2002

Watkins Glen New York

The crew arrived at Watkins Glen with a goal. Finish this race in the top 20. A goal simple enough to achieve. Yet, some how at the start of the race, some of the drivers in this series cant see themselves to get past one lap without causing a major incident, leaving a simple goal as this unachievable. It's become the norm if you dont qualify in the top 15, you are put in a position one could describe as the war zone. There are to many drivers out there trying to win the race on the first lap. Week after week the cars in the last half of the field are banging off of each other for at least the first three laps. It's time someone was either suspended or punched for causing these early lap wrecks.

The Story at Watkins Glen went as follows. We arrived there on thursday night, and on friday morning went to work setting up for the race. As usual We were short handed for this race and with only 2 hours to prepare, the crew of driver John Cerbone, John Aicardi and Tom Chance worked at a fast pace. Getting out for the end of practice, we were able to get up to speed in only 3 laps when the Engine showed signs of giving up. We changed the motor but would miss qualifying and would have to start the race at the end of the field. Two other drivers would be forced to do the same. At the start the field went down the front straight and into turn one. Down a short straight and into a sweeping right turn into a series of lefts and rights. Its here where the race came to an end for us, with 11 other cars involved. Three of thise were able to continue, two of which caused whats being called the worst crash in series history. After working incredibly hard and preparing a good car easily capable of finishing this race in the top 20, the race was over after just 20 seconds.

The race was won by Brian Wall, Second place was Dennis Doyle and Greg Schaefer thrid. Congradulations to all three who able to keep all together and run fair and clean races. And just a call to Dale Quarterly who dominated the race but ran out of gas with only a few laps to go.

The 98 speedway Monte Carlo is wrecked. The car will require a front clip, front suspension, radiators, coolers, brakes, ducts, hoses front nose, fenders, oil pump, water pump, pulley system, alternater, oil filter system, motor plate, headers, transmission and driveshaft.

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July 20th, 2002

New Hampshire International Speedway

It was a short time after Thompson to prepare a wrecked car for the super speedway at New Hampshire International Speedway. Much of the car was repaired for a thursday practice and qualifying session. Both John Cerbone and Crew Chief john Aicardi, Owner Scott Melussi, and Lisa Schol worked feverishly to get the car ready for the second practice session missing the whole first session. Running the last part of the session, we were able to get the car fast enough to qualify for the event. In qualifying, the first time on new tires, we forced a 31st effort, not great but in the show. In the last and final practice session after qulifying, the crew with the addition of Tom and Melissa Chance made some changes and were now 23rd fastest. With a bunch still in the car, we knew for the race, a sway bar and front spring change would be bennificial to track conditions after the Craftsmen Truck Series race.

On Saturday afternoon, the team showed up and were ready to race. At the start of the race we let a few over anxious drivers go by to single out, then we went to work. Picking off several cars in the first 15 laps, and several more in the next 20, we found our selves in 22nd position. On lap 40 a caution gave us an opportunity to take on much needed fuel to complete the 125 laps. restarting in 20th, and much of the field on new rubber, we knew the next caution would call for a tire change. That cautiuon came only 12 laps later and we came in to take on right side tires. The pit gun malfunctioned on the right front forcing another trip to pit road to check the lugs. Now starting last on the field, we would have to really work to get our lost positions. Back to green and running hard, by lap 107 we were in 22nd position again, passing 14 cars to do so when the yellow flag flew again slowing cars to caution. By lap 110 we went back to green and off to racing. As with the last 3 races, we were once again loosing a tire. the left front was going down. Slowing to a pace were we could finish the race with the ailing tire, we lost 7 positions to finish in 29th. This has not been a good year for the final 20 laps of the races we have run.

The race was won by Brad Leighton, with Brian Hoar 2nd, and Matt Kobyluck 3rd.

The next race will be Stafford Motor Speedway on July 26th.

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July 13th, 2002

Thompson Speedway.

This race is one looked forward to by the JCM Race Team. Thompson brings us the excitement of high banks and fast speeds. The JCM 98 started that race 24th, and worked our way foward to 20th before being involved in someone elses altercation, crunching up and shortening the nose of the car.

A quick pit stop to open some space for air in the radiator and back to hard racing.

Working from the back we were able to pick up 15 spots to 16th, and through tough conditions, worked to 15th when back luck struck again. On Lap 138, the right front tire went down from metal on the track and in a big way, we pitted loosing 3 laps only to get back out and loose the right rear tire to another piece of trash on the track.

Loosing 3 more laps and getting back out to finish the race, we came out right in front of the leaders who were running hard and two wide. we chose to come back down pit road and let the race without the chance of hidering their progress. We ended up 27th, another disappointing finish to another good run.

The race was won by Brad Leighton, Tracy Gordon 2nd, and Mike Johnson 3rd.

The Next race, New Hampshire International Speedway july 20th.

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June 6th, 2002

Waterford Speedbowl

The Race at Waterford was more than exciting for fans and competitors alike. The JCM Race Team started that race to far towards the back and right from the start of the race cars were leaning on each other and forcing position by way of the bumper. By lap 11 we were involved in the first of three major hits to the car. The first on lap 11 involved another car who we were passing on the inside, this car must have been told they were clear because they made a radical left turn to bring the car low and ran broadside into us while we were passing, several sharp hits and we were both spinning through the grass. While we were able to stay on the lead lap, we suffered major right side damage. By lap 60, we were once again involved with the same car and the same situation. Staying on the lead lap and running ok wth the damaged car, racing again on the inside we were again struck by a car running high and trying to push to the lower and faster groove. Now on lap 133, this forced a double pit stop to try to fix now flattened tire from the contact. The tire shredded and took out the front right brake line, forcing an early end to a then 14th place running position.

The race was won by Kelly Moore.

Thr next race will be Thompson Speedway on July 13th.

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June 21, 2002 Stafford Motor Speedway, Stafford Springs CT

6 RACES 6 Different WINNERS.

The Busch North Series is one of the most competitive Series in all of NASCAR. The first 6 races of the season have produced 6 different winners. This shows just how tough this series can be. Stafford Speedway is one of the hottest race tracks on the series. The first of three visits to Stafford in 2002 may have been the best race there in years. Leads changes, passing throughout the field and door to door action from start to finish. With only 3 cautions the race was action packed.

The 98 car, started 29th on the field, and passing for position about every 4 laps. By lap 18 we had moved to 24th position and were still going strong, while going for 23rd, and on the outside, brake line failure in the front of the car left us with only rear brakes and the car sliding sideways. This brought out the first caution of the night. A quick trip to pit road, and a brake line swap. Back on the track and in the back, we would have to regain all the positions we lost going to the pits. At the drop of the green we went to work, passing a car per lap for 5 laps. Then passing one more before settling in for a short run. By lap 57 the front brakes were ailing from over heating trying to keep the pumped up. We were forced to the pits for the crew to service the now smoking brakes, where after a short time, the decision was made to shut it down and park it for the remainder of the race and take a 26th place finish.

The race was won by Kelly Moore, with Andy Santerre second, and Dale Quarterly third. Congradulations to Moore Racing.

The next race on the JCM Racing schedule is Waterford Speedbowl in Waterford CT on july 6th 2002.

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June 8, 2002

Beech Ridge Speedway, Maine

The race at Beech Ridge had only two lead changes, but all through the pack positions changed constantly. The 98 car with driver John Cerbone put forth a true effort to tame a track with limited grip. The changes included 4 springs, 2 sway bars and 2 shocks. With a less than awesome qualifying effort, we would have to start in 27th position, and work our way forward. By lap 40 we had worked our way to 24th, pitting for adjustments, lap 80 we had worked our way to 20th after pitting and starting from the back two more times. Frm there we hung around the 20th position until lap 135 where we picked up two more positions to 18th. At lap 140 a two car crash left us scrambling for room to get by, and lost one of those positions. The race ended with another green white checker finish, and we were done in 19th. Not a great finish but a better finish due to the crews hard work and good calls adjusting on the car to make it more competitive.

The race was won by Mike Johnson, with Kobyluck and Santerre to 3rd. This was the 5th different driver in the 5 races run in 2002 for the Busch North Series.

The next race will be Stafford Motor Speedway in Stafford Connecticut on June 21, 2002.

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May 25, 2002

Seekonk Speedway, Seekonk Ma.

This past weekends race at Seekonk Speedway was nothing short of exciting with many lead changes and a good run put forth by the 98 car and the team of JCM Racing. The Team started with a 24th place qualifying run and until lap 145 of 150, was a lead lap competitive 15th place car. On lap 145, a lapped car intentionally crashed us, destoying the rear quarters, pieces of the clip, and fuel cell area, along with the front valance and spoiler. This move, took us from 15th place on the lead lap, and banged us back to 20th place one lap down. By the offending car owners admission, and own words,(that was for Nazareth of last year, we never forget"), the crashing was "payback" for slight contact between us and them over a year ago which left no damage to either car. We were again a lead lap car with them one lap down, seems to be a trend.

We would salvage a 20th place finish and alot of work to repair a badly damaged car for the next race which would be held at Beech Ridge Speedway in ME on june 8th. With repairs already underway, a newly supported front bumper will be incorporated. We look forward to another lead lap run at Beech Ridge, and a better finish, and some good CLOSE racing.

The race was won by Matt Kobyluck who took the lead from Billy penfold who ran a great race only to loose the lead with 7 laps to go. Third place was Tracy Gordon.

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May 20, 2002

Pennsylvania International Speedway, Nazareth PA.

The weekend racing started off great for the JCM Racing Team. Running consistant times and setting up the car only for the race. The 98 car was ready for the race after qualifying 27th on the grid. Prerace inspection proved a little tricky as tech inspectors frowned on the use of front spring rubbers. We were set back to the trailer to change springs and in hindsight to ruin a well handling car. 5 laps into the race we knew we had a car needing adjustments, but were still able to pick up several spots before the first caution. A quick pit, some spring bolt ajustments and back to racing. The car, still very tight and on good tires was drivable for now, but would need more adjustments. Picking up about 8 positions by lap 25, we found our selves spinning off turn 4, able to continue, but now down a lap from the spin. Another quick pit, a spring rubber and less wedge, back to racing. The Track, because of rain, was tighter than expected, and really needed the springs with rubbers we were forced to remove. Riding out the last 50 laps would be somewhat tricky as the right front tire was expanding with air pressure from being abused. We finished the race where we started, in 27th place.

The race was won by Ted Christopher, with Matt Kobyluck in second and Brad Leighton a close third. Congradulations to Ted on a great run.

Seekonk Speedway, Seekonk MA.

The next race will be On Saturday May 25th, 2002 at Seekonk Speedway.

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May11th, 2002

It was an up and down weekend at New Hampshire International Speedway in Loundon New Hampshire. The new track configuration provided good grip and more racing room. A good qualifying effort starting 25th on the feild right behind Andy Santerre, and in front of Dave Dion gave the JCM Team a feeling of security starting between two good clean fast drivers. At the drop of the green flag we experienced a miss in the engine, which turned out to be a broken spark plug wire loom braket, and left the right bank wires grounding on the headers. This was something we could live with until the first caution which came quick when and unfortunate engine exlosion on the 41 car left Joey McCarthy fighting for control and left him up against the wall in turn two, where we ran over some flying parts and broke the sway bar mount on our car. So with poor ignition, and no sway bar, this would make for a very long race, where by lap 84 we were no longer competitive and called it a day.

The Race was won by Brad Leighton over a charging Andy Santerre.

The Next race for the JCM Team will be in Nazareth PA on May 18th. Look for a good run there from the 98 car as it is one of our best tracks.

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May 1st. 2002

The upcoming race at New Hampshire International Speedway will be the first race of 2002 for the JCM Race Team. With the Test Sessions cancelled by the speedway just a week ago, the team will go untested with the new body and chassis updates. Throw in the addition of a new Good Year tire and we have got the makings of a very busy first day. Confident the new updates will only enhance the handling of the 2002 Monte Carlo, Chief John Aicardi has stated "we will go prepared". he went on to say, "in being prepared, the adjustments in setup and small problems that may arrise will just that, small and controlable." The Team will go to this race with the addition of a new associate sponsor World Wide Apparel Sourcing. WWAS is a clothing and fabric outsourcing company which can produce T-Shirts to complete clothing lines.

April 24th, 2002


The Tests for New Hampshire International Speedway were cancelled due to construction and track surface updates. The surface will require more cure time and the much needed tests will once again be cancelled. JCM Racing will attend the race on May 11th at NHIS. We will go with past setups and take extra time preparing since no testing will be available to us before then.

April 17th, 2002

JCM Racing will attend the first of the two day test at Loudon New Hampshire. On April 30th the team will test the car sporting some new nose features, fenders and brakes. These changes, together with the new Good Year tire and some shock options should give us the needed speed for the race on May 11th, 2002. This will be the first race of the 7 race limited season. It will also give the crew a chance to work together, blending with two new members.

Sept 21 2001

Dover Delaware. Dover Downs Speedway September 2001. The Race at Dover would take place on Friday September 21, with practice and qualifying to be on thursday the 20th. The Team arrived at Dover on Thursday morning with threatening skies. Because of the Thursday start to this race, only the driver and crew chief were present to prepare the car performing all the tasks usually asked of a full crew. The two worked diligently to complete all the required tech and normal race preperations to the car, and were able to get out for 5 laps of practice at speed. Then the rain came and washed out pratice qualifying and the planned hour of afternoon practice. With very little practice to adjust the car, the team had to make a decision to go with the set up that was in the car. Small changes were made to make the car somewhat adjustale for the race. One race day the team, Driver, Crew Chief, Spotter, and Jackman were still short handed due to the NYC situation, where three other crew members were needed to stay behind and work in NYC. Word got around the track that crew members were needed and several jumped into action offering their assistance. With nearly a whole pit crew and a well assembled car, we felt confident for the start of the race.

Starting 28th, We knew an outside start wouldn't be the best but we would make the most of it. By lap 5 we had been pushed in the wall twice, and had the right rear tire rubbing. Needing to slow slightly to keep the tire from smoking and blowing out, we were looking for a caution, which didnt come until lap 23. The team pitted to pull the the fender off the tire and back to racing. Able to pick up the pace again, The JCM Team was again competitive running good lap times and picking up a few positions. The team ran strong for the remainder of the race pitting 4 more times for tires twice, gas, and a late race flat which took a lap from us. The crew made up of three JCM crew members, and three volunteers, did a great job, with quick stops and perfect tire changes with no loose lug nuts and no penalties. They should be congratulated, and proud of themselves. A good 17th place finish was made of a tough race, and all invloved were happy with the outcome.

The race was won by Dale Shaw who took command of the lead on lap 152 and never looked back, he gained control when Dale Quarterly's engine faultered on a restart trapping Jaime Aube behind him. Behind Shaw for 2nd was Brian Wall, and Dennis Demers for third.

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Nazareth Speedway, Nazareth Pa. August 26th, 2001.

Nazareth Speedway probably the most fun track to drive on the Busch North Series Schedule. The JCM Racing Team arrived at the speedway on Friday ready to race. The car and crew were equally prepared, and ready to go. Practice on Saturday said we had a good car with consistent lap times throughout the practice session. The decision was made to qualify towards the back of the field to try to pick up the "Flowmaster star of the race award." This is the award given to the car which advances the most positions during the race.

With the drop of the green flag, The 98 car went to work. Picking off as many cars as we could with very little delay. By lap 50 we were in 14th position, but pitting was needed as the 98 car was very loose, and some adjustments were made to tighten it up. On the restart John went to work and was passing to the outside and was driven up into the turn 2 wall. Sustaining heavy body damage, we went on picking off as many cars as possible. By lap 88, we were back to 18th position, and looking to take 17th, when the damage from whacking the wall proved to much, and with 10 laps to go, we were forced to shut it down, and take a 28th place finish. Definitely not representative of the good run which we were having.

The Nazareth Race was won by Matt Kobyluck, a first time winner in the Busch north Series. Congratulations to Matt, and crew on a no Pitt strategy, And their first win. Second place was Paul wolf, with Dale Shaw taking third.

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Seekonk Speedway, Seekonk Ma. August 4th, and 5th 2001

Seekonk speedway brought a day of heat and a tough day of short track racing. Qualifying 26th on time, and starting 29th in the race, the JCM Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo had its work cut out. We had decided to try run conservatively on a tight and slippery short track. Starting 29th would put us in a tough position prone to gettting caught up in the inevitable short track crashes.

By half way in the race we were able to slip by more than 10 spins and 6 crashes. with very damage on the car, the 98 car needed 2 pit stops to adjust the car which was pushing badly in the middle of the corner, and very loose off the corner. Losing some positions due to pitting, but running consistant lap times and keeping pace with the field, we were able to finish in a respectable 21st, in our first trip to seekonk. With very little practice time due to rain, we kept the car in one piece and in great shape for the next race. JCM Racing's next race will be Nazareth Speedway in Pa on August 26, 2001. Winner of the Coca Cola 150 at Seekonk was Dale Shaw, with Mike Johnson, and Paul Richardson rounding out the top three. Congradulations to Dale and Crew.

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Thompson Connecticut July 14, 2001.

JCM Racing attended the Thompsom speedway race on saturday July 14th. With the car ready for practice, new shocks, new springs, and new crew members and more so a new attitude towards the series, lap times showed this team had worked very hard for the race. Clicking off immediate 21. 20's, and with small changes lowering those times to 21.00's. The second practice session was used for simulated qualifying runs. Once again running laps of 21.00's on the old tires. The last qualifying run first lap of 21.01, and second lap of 21.51 said something went wrong. An immediate inspecton showed a broken roller lifter. Damaging the camshaft. The 98 car was forced to take a provisional start when they could make the call in time for qualifying. Starting 34th when practice qualifing runs times alone should have given them a an 18th place start. On the call for firing the engines, the short term repair attemt to the lifters failed even more sooner than excpected allowing only one lap before the decision was made to park the car, saving the engine for future use. JCM Racing has always had nearly perfect engine durability, and the next two weeks will be dedicated to ensurring recent valve train problems will end. The choice is not a popular one, but unfortunately a necessary one. JCM is still actively seeking sponsorship so this team can show its true potential.

The Thompson race was won by Martin Truex jr., with Mike Olsen, and Jamie Aube rounding out the top three. Congradulations to Little T and Team Truex.

The Next race, Stafford Ct. July 27th.

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Stafford Connecticut June 22 2001.

The JCM Race team attended the Stafford race looking for greast results armed with a new 2001 Body and an upgraded motor. John Aicardi and crew had the car ready for practice and it showed great promise right off the truck. With two shock changes and some chassis adjustments, John Cerbone ran lap times of 20.30 to 20.70, the fastest the 98 car had ever been at the Stafford Motor Speedway. During the warm up lap for qualifying, the motor lost a cylinder, and slowed to a 20.61 on 7 cylinders, missing the show.

The engine problem was a broken rocker arm, slightly burning a piston during the two laps of qualifying. This is the first engine problem JCM Racing has had in 7 years running the Busch North Series. Although missing the race, Crew chief and crew expressed their appreciation of the new found performance at this track, where they struggled in the past.

The next planned event for JCM is the PEPSI 150 at Thompson Ct. on Saturday, July 14th 2001.

The Stafford Race was won by kelly Moore, who took the lead with less than 20 laps to go passing a spinning Brad leighton.

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