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Adirondack Speedway July 29th, 2006.

With a new nose and front fenders JCM Racing made the 6 hour trip to one of the favorite tracks on the circuit, Adirondack Speedway in Beaver Falls New York. This challenging raceway is located more than 300 miles from NYC and presents drivers and teams with a tricky but fun layout, with what feels like 6 turns all being different. The JCM team looks forward to attending this race as its a track where we run well. A good practice session with some minor changes resulted in a well set up car earning a good 14th place starting position on John's first lap.

At the start of the race John fell back to 19th and got in line to begin a run for the top ten. By lap 30 the 98 car had run up to 13th and by lap 40 was inside the top 10 in 8th place. A three wide situation left the 98 car coming off turn 4 in the middle of the threesome with contact to the outside car and spinning up towards the start finish line. A quick pit for an adjustment by the crew led by John Aicardi, and the 98 car tailed the field for the restart.

The adjustments and clear thinking on the restart got the 98 car driven by John Cerbone running hard and passing clean. Back inside the top ten 30 laps later the 98 car was running well. After trading places with some good racing the 98 car had seen 7th to tenth place for the next 30 to 40 laps. Caution flew and in a 10th place restart the Apache Fishing / Apexmotors.com Monte Carlo stood fast for one lap until a car in front got out wide, after a short period waiting for the car to get back in line John had to choose to go forward and some 200 feet later another 3 wide situation left the 98 car high in the air and basically cruising over the front of another competitor and slamming into the outside wall. the resulting damage would leave the 98 car limping around the 1/2 mile raceway pitting several times for repairs and finishing not in the top ten where it ran most of the night, but in 22nd place.

The race was won by Sean Cassie, Byron Chew in second and Mike Olsen in third.

The next race up for the 98 team will be Waterford Speedway in Connecticut on August 19th.


Off season Shop activity (March 2006):

The JCM Race Shop is very active in the off season updating the Monte Carlo race cars for the Busch North/East Series in 2006. The Team is currently clipping the front chassis and updating the body of its 2002 car. The engines and transmissions will undergo complete rebuilds with new parts throughout. Rear differentials will be gone through along with all brake calipers and rotors.

Dyno work on the Busch engines will be completed around May with chassis testing scheduled shortly thereafter.

The Shop is also readying a super comp 4 link dragster and two quick 8 cars for the Worlds Fastest Street Car competitions being held this summer. One car will start with a 598 chevy, then move to a 770 CI engine and 2 speed automatic trans, and the other with a Supercharged and Injected Big Block Chevy, 5 speed and 10.5" Tire. Both cars have projected low 7 second 1/4 mile times.

Photos below preview the Quick 8/World Fastest Street cars.

The second car still on one of the chassis fixtures


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October 2005 Thompson Speedway

The Last Race of the Busch North Season got underway on Saturday for practice and qualifying. The shortened schedule only left 6 laps of practice time for the 98 car with only one session offered. The team struggled with almost no information to go on we were forced to rely on past experience for a qualifying set up. John went out to qualify with sticker tires on a cold track and that made for a slippery adventure. He was able to qualify the car 18th of 36 cars and give us a fair starting position.

On Sunday morning a leaky front brake caliper left us scrambling for caliper parts. Able to locate the needed parts the team rebuilt the caliper and got it secured on the car.

While repairing the caliper the driver involved with the repair missed the mandatory drivers meeting and the team would be sent to the rear of the field for the start of the race. At the start the 98 car was able to move forward quickly through the rear of the field until a brake line failure cause an unscheduled pit stop and a 32 lap stint behind pit wall where the 98 team went to work changing the line and re-bleeding the brakes. When the 98 car returned to the track it proved quick and cruised through the field after a restart. Proving the car was good John with the help of his team decided that being multiple laps down we would start always at the fields end and not hinder the way of cars racing for position. each restart we would run up past slower cars and fall the to rear on any cautions. We finished the race in 25th many laps down but none running. The team proved experienced and competent throughout the year and this race was no different. The JCM Race team ended the year in 29th place in the points with a very limited schedule racing just 5 of the 14 race schedule.

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