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The patented SplitFire "V" design on the side electrode is instrumental in helping to improve combustion efficiency. Because the flame kernel is not blocked by the side electrode as in other spark plugs, it can travel upward through the "v" notch into the combustion chamber . . . That's the SplitFire Performance "V" Advantage.

Now SplitFire's patented split "V" side electrode design is available with three separate points of platinum, substantially reducing electrode wear. What's more, the revolutionary platinum-tipped fine wire center electrode requires less voltage to fire. No other spark plug combines 3 platinum alloy points, the fine wire center electrode and the patented split "V" technology. No other spark plug provides more for the life of your vehicle engine!

Patented Dual-Mag design incorporates two premium magnetic suppression core conductors which are protected by a layer of braided fiberglass to resist the harshest of underhood conditions. Precision engineered original equipment boots and terminals assure an exact fit and easy installation. Install the wire set that delivers voltage with only 250 ohms of resistance per foot. Questions or Comments call 1-800-224-7584

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